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Vintage Santa Barbara

Posted on May 18, 2017 by in General | 1 comment

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  1. Thanks you for posting these photos. A great, great uncle who was in the granite, marble, brownstone and sandstone quarrying business as well as stone cutting and building lived and worked in Santa Barbara from 1898 to around 1910. It is great to see what it was like at the time he and his wife lived there. In 1900 they lived on Haley Street, No 214 I think, so the Haley Street image was of especial interest. From his bio from 1902, “E.W. Davies, the proprietor and manager of the Santa Barbara Granite and Sandstone Company, also a contractor for granite, stone and marble work, is an adept in his line, and receives a patronage in proportion thereto. Many fine examples of his work remain as permanent monuments to the adornment of the city, among them being the stonework of the Alexander block, the receiving vault at the cemetery, the Duryea mausoleum, and others equally substantial and practical…..
    “Among his most praiseworthy undertakings here has been the placing of the viaducts, culverts and general stone work for the Southern Pacific extension. He also operated the boulders and put in a remarkable plant for sawing stone, twenty-five engine power, and located near the Southern Pacific Milling Company‚Äôs plant. This plant is a general marble, stone, granite and sandstone affair, cuts in any dimensions and in particularly useful in monumental work.”

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